Wednesday, October 9, 2019

New ($1000) cryptocurrency exchange Platform Franchise program Opportunity

New cryptocurrency exchange Platform Franchise program Opportunity

Launch your own personalized cryptocurrency exchange and let your users trade directly from
your website.

Salariumcoin cryptocurrency exchange Franchise program

The site (setup) needs for:

1) Dimensions logo image: 300X300 pixel,
2) Dimensions 1900x1300 pixel size background image
3) (your own) Domain name ( which will need to change the CNAME information on the domain name provider's
4) Provide details of the Purchaser's details for registration on the Platform Supplier's website
5) Provide details of the BTC (34 digit -bitcoin addrees) to get the paymet (what you earn)
The Franchise program pay by
1)(new) Registrations 2)(new)Transactions 3)(new)Referral Fee Earned 4)BTC Revenue Share25%

Do i need to verify Basic verification before creating an order?
No, you don’t need an account to create a transaction here.
There are many exchanges on  which support anonymous trade.
But by creating an account you get a wide variety of coins and exchanges which are not available otherwise.
We support over 300+ cryptocurrencies, digital currency, altcoin, cryptocoin with more than
45000 pairs for exchange.
You can invite your friends to use this platform and earn with their every successful conversion with us .
Your revenue share increases based on the number of users who signs up using your referral code.
How can i withdraw the referral amount?
Once your referral bonus reaches 0.005 BTC an option would be made available with the instructions to
withdraw the amount to your wallet.

Earn 50% revenue on all completed transactions through your custom instant crypto exchange.
You can easily take your payouts in BTC.

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